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I've learned that photography is an active rather than passive pursuit. I've discovered that there is endless room for creativity, by design, by perspective, by experimentation. Each has reaped benefits, and some of them work well. One important key is to keep my eyes open all around me, and to move about.

Larry O'Reilly


Larry O'Reilly took up photography in a more serious way after leaving the Smithsonian in 2007, where he had served as Assistant Director of the National Museum of Natural History, in charge of Exhibits and Public Spaces and in other capacities. 


Active in conservation groups which use the power of  nature images, he began studying the technical aspects of the camera and photographing thousands of images during travel. When that work eventually proved frustrating, he came to realize that he was seeking his own voice.


Experimenting with "painting" with light in a studio setting, his studies number in the hundreds, working in the dark and in many other constructs. Being generally pleased with the results, Larry has expanded his subject matter to include natural objects, and other items that he discovered can be photographed in what seems an infinite number of ways. His experimentation continues. O'Reilly participates in juried art exhibitions in the DC area.


Photo credit: Peg Koetsch

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(703) 685-1656

Larry O'Reilly
Arlington, VA

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