My recent trip to Africa was one of the great trips of my life. Seeing animals in their natural habitat is a concept that sticks in your brain for a long time. There are animals who have evolved there over many millions of years, adapted to their environments, are not bound by cages or bars, and have learned to live with each other. It's possible to see how humankind evolved from this setting, but it's almost impossible to imagine the scale of time required to do so. The trip was full of amazing surprises, one after another.  

Lioness with fly
Sleeping Lion
Like Mother, Like Daughter
White Bird, Blue Sky
Male Lion in Sunshine
Elephant Herd Walking
Leopard In Wait
Leopard Couple
Victoria Falls




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Leopard In Wait

This photo reminds me completely of a drawing my daughter did for me for my 47th birthday, when she was only about ten years old except hers is the exact "mirror image". When this animal was detected by a ranger, we had to drive over very bumpy roads for about 45 minutes, just as the sun was setting. This male was going to be the subject of a caring ritual, as you can imagine when you see the two leopards in the next photo.